“My landscape is grey rain

  Aslant on bent seas”

(“Renewal By Her Element”, Denis Devlin)

My name is Patrick, and after living in Galicia for two years I’ve come back to Ireland to do a Masters degree.

IMG_6805I plan on using this blog to share some of my personal translations. Most will be of poetry, and from Galician.

There won’t necessarily be any rhyme or reason to the texts that appear beyond each being translated “because I liked it” (to quote the Introduction of a book to which I owe my love of Galician poetry).

There will be breaks from this of course, which will appear as the blog develops.

If nothing else, my hope is that someone might find a poem here they wouldn’t have otherwise encountered, or perhaps have to consider it anew from the lens of the beast that is the English language.

If you want to get in touch, I’m on twitter, or can be contacted here.

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